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  • Preserved Flowers

    Natural flowers that have undergone a preservation process to maintain their beauty and freshness. Preserved flower doesn’t need water and sunlight but will last long or more years.  It is best to send it as a gift to your love ones.

  • Artificial Flowers

    It’s the imitations of natural flowers that will last for many years. It produces vibrant color that is perfect with any vases or arrangement. It is made of high class materials. Artificial flowers are best used in decorations in your house, hotels and many more.

  • Basket arrangement

    It’s made of thin strips of wood, metal or plastic twisted together use for carrying of storing things. Basket is use to create a unique flower arrangement perfect for your special someone’s. It can be used in any occasions.

  • Big Arrangement

    Big Vases, Big flowers to create a stunning flower arrangement, This is usually use for welcoming visitors or cutting of ribbon, it is use also for big occasions like wedding, engagement and many more.  Flowers can be fresh or artificial.

  • Flowers and Chocolate

    Contains of fresh flowers or artificial flowers with a mix luxurious chocolate made from Belgium. It can be arrange in box, vases, basket or plates.

  • Box Arrangement

    Box Arrangement is one of an artistic way for flower arrangement, there are different kind of box, it can be paper box or wood or plastic box. It can be decorated by fresh flowers, artificial and chocolate.

  • Vase Arrangement

    The purpose of flower arrangement is consciously put together a group of flowers so they create an overall effect that is beautiful as a composition. The flowers in themselves are often very beautiful, but much in the same way colors are beautiful in them self a painter sees them as only tools to create a bigger more complex picture. Vase arrangement is one of a common flower arrangement.

  • Centerpiece

    Flower arrangement is not an art to be reserved only for special occasions. A few flowers on the kitchen table can be as important in their own way as a full scale decoration for a big occasion. Flower arrangements beautify homes and offices alike and are also used as centerpieces for a table. Flower arrangements are made out of fresh cut flowers, dried flowers and artificial flowers as well.

  • New born Arrangement

    The birth of child is a gift from God. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, a nephew, a grandchild or niece it is best to celebrate and be surrounded with fragrance flower arrangement to show the joy and happiness.

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